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Speedloader Assist for Mossberg & FN-SLP + 5 (9mm) Extended Base for P-17 Glock
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The finest in shooting accessories for use in action shooting, IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation), IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association) and other action pistol sports as well as the everyday sportsman.

From parts that will enhance your magazines and their function, to holster parts that will make your draw lightning fast, Arredondo Accessories has the shooting accessories and products to improve your shooting experience.

STI/SV Teflon Follower +1 .40/.45

AR-10 Base Pad

Base Pad slips on similar to the factory base plate. Pad adds height and a better platform.
Aluminum AR-10 Couplers

Couplers come in a set of two
Belt Keeper 1.5 inch

Fits most popular race holster belts, Rescomp, Double Alpha, etc.
J-Point / DOCTERsight+STS pistol mount

New J-Point / DOCTERsight pistol mount

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